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Attention Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Meal breaks skipped or interrupted?

Still deducted 30 minutes?

You could be owed back wages.

Join Over 3,000 Healthcare Workers Who've Reclaimed Their Earned Pay with my Expertise. 

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Healthcare Workers Deserve Fair Pay

In the demanding world of healthcare, nurses, technicians, etc. dedicate themselves tirelessly, often working through meal breaks without compensation. It's not just unfair; it's unlawful. Hospitals automatically deduct 30 minutes from your shift, assuming you got a full 30 minute break completely relieved of duties But you didn’t. These “phantom meal breaks” are not true meal breaks. In that case, you deserve to be paid for your time. Our experience in helping healthcare workers recover their unpaid wages can make the difference for you. 


Fair Pay and Respect Long Overdue.

Don't let your hard work go unpaid. If you've been denied the breaks you're legally entitled to, we're here to help. With extensive experience and over 3,000 healthcare workers assisted, we're committed to getting you the compensation you deserve. Submit your information today and take the first step towards recovering your unpaid wages. 

Fear Retaliation? No need, and here’s why.

The fear of retaliation might hold you back from claiming the wages you rightfully earned. It's a common concern, but here's why you can speak up with confidence: 

  1. Protected by Law:
    Federal law strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against employees asserting their rights.
  2. A Track Record with no Retaliation.
    Thousands of healthcare workers like you have stepped forward to claim their unpaid wages, and not one that I’ve represented has faced retaliation for asserting their rights. This track record isn't just luck; it's because the law is on our side and the hospitals know it.
  3. Hospitals Know the Law:
    The human resources departments and legal teams of hospitals know retaliation is illegal and they know I would be watching their every move like a hawk. My presence and advocacy for your rights act as a powerful deterrent against potential retaliation.
  4. Increased Protection:
    It sounds odd, but speaking up about your wage rights under my firm’s representation can actually provide you with greater protection. Hospitals don’t want the headache of more legal trouble, and they know with me in your corner, I’ve got your back.

You're Part of a Bigger Movement.

Feeling alone as you clock out, knowing your meal break was anything but a break? Let's change that perspective. Across the country, there's a wave of healthcare professionals just like you, standing up for their rights. Lawsuits are springing up nationwide as workers in scrubs are saying “enough” to skipped and interrupted meal breaks without pay. 

This isn't just about individual claims; it's a movement for justice in healthcare employment. By joining this wave, you're not just claiming what you're owed, you're helping to reshape an industry to acknowledge the hard work and dedication you put in every day. It's about fairness, respect, and legally mandated compensation that's long overdue. 

Let's add your voice to the growing call for justice. It's time your unpaid meal breaks are recognized and compensated. Because when one of us stands up, it empowers all of us. 

Employees Have a Right to Receive Compensation for Unpaid Wages

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